natenzym - unique fungal and plant enzyme blends

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that function as catalysts for the vast number of chemical reactions taking place in human body. Enzymes enable metabolic and physiological processes to take place by reducing the amount of energy needed for a chemical reactions to occur, thereby speeding up the rate of the reaction and making life possible. Read more…

Natenzym is the line of exclusive and unique fungal and plant enzyme blends formulated by Valentis with the highest quality ingredients, offered with advanced technical support and personalized customer service. We are capable of handling all client needs, including product development, blending, encapsulating, tableting, convenience packaging, in house graphics/labeling and fulfillment.

Each natenzym blend is fully vegetarian, combination of plant-base and plant enzymes, and design to assist with different digestive or therapeutic processes. We maintain the highest quality of product by testing each batch for enzyme activity in a highly accredited laboratory using methodologies published from the Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

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